“Running Up That Hill” Proves Why Ownership Is So Important

The Song's Success Is An Example For All Independent Artists

Following its feature in Season 4 of Netflix’s Stranger Things, “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush has taken off.

What many people don’t realize is that the British singer owns 100% of that song. While it remains rare for songwriters to own 100% of their music, it’s even rarer for an artist-owned composition to reach the top of the charts. As reported by Music Business Worldwide: Running Up That Hill did 57 million chart-eligible global streams on Spotify alone following its appearance in the now infamous graveyard scene.

Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill Stranger Things
Image Via Netflix

This insane jump of over 16000% will likely pay out over 6 figures for an artist who also owns 100% of her recordings rights through her company  Noble & Brite Ltd. 

What’s more, with the final two episodes of the series’ fourth season releasing today on Netflix, the song is sure to see a secondary bump in streaming. The song’s success is the perfect example for artists of all sizes: find partners like ONErpm who provide you the tools to succeed, without having to give up ownership of your work.

ONErpm artist Loveless has recorded a cover of “Running Up That Hill”, which you can check out below.

Looking for more? Check out the latest from ONErpm here. 

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