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A New Emerging Artist Program

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At ONErpm we love our DIY and emerging artists and are dedicated to providing the best possible resources and opportunities to as many of these artists as possible. Last month we rolled out countless new tools and tech made available to all our artists through shiny new back-end but we’ll be damned if we’re stopping there! This month we’re thrilled to announce our new monthly DIY & emerging artists program Uncut Gems.

Introducing: Uncut Gems
A brand new monthly program where we offer promotional spaces for any artist that wants to have their music heard.

How to participate?

  • Distribute your music through ONErpm
  • Upload a video on Instagram Reels or TikTok of maximum 30 seconds saying:
  • Who you are 
  • What song you want to participate with
  • Why do you think your song is an uncut gem? 
  • Use #UncutGemsOMErpm & tag @ONErpm
  • Send your video before the end of the month

Our team will select 5 monthly winners and each of who will receive:

  • Special promotion on our @ONErpm social profiles
  • Playlist inclusion in our playlists
  • Editorial pitch at Independent playlists

Submit your track by April 30th and winners will be announced on our Instagram the first weekend of May!

Join in on the fun for a chance to get your music upgraded to the next level!

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