Month In Review: February 2024

The hottest new music from ONErpm artists

February was a big month for the ONErpm fam! Catch up on new music from The Voidz, Yelawolf, Ingrid Michaelson, Eric Bellinger, Struggle Jennings, and more. Wish you’d known about these tracks sooner? Subscribe to our newsletter to get new music updates every Friday!


Yelawolf - "Everything"
Yelawolf – “Everything”


The Slumerican legend himself, down-home dirty southern king, Yelawolf is back with some backpack rap for the ages. Effortless bars over classic DJ scratches and a reverbed-out piano line make this an instant classic to put on repeat. Check out “Everything” via your favorite streaming service!


The Voidz - "All The Same"
The Voidz – “All The Same”

The Voidz

The Voidz’s new single, “All The Same” crashes into your speakers with a coolness that could only be delivered by Julian Casablancas and his gang. Coinciding with its release, the track will be featured prominently in the upcoming major motion picture “Drugstore June”. The release of “All The Same” will be complemented by a documentary about The Voidz, produced by the renowned Simone Films. This documentary focuses on the band’s recent sold-out 4-night residency in New York City – including concert footage, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and interviews with the band members. Enter the universe of The Voidz now at your own risk!


Ingrid Michaelson & Jason Mraz - "Love Is"
Ingrid Michaelson & Jason Mraz – “Love Is”

Ingrid Michaelson & Jason Mraz 

“Love Is” is the second single from Ingrid Michaelson’s upcoming pop album, For The Dreamers. Featuring iconic singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, both vocals accompany each other through a sweet and timeless song about being loved and actively loving someone. Ingrid explains that “having Jason join [her] on the song only deepened that beauty as his is such a calming, singular voice.” 




Set lakeside with a fishing pole in hand,  the trailer for TENNESSEE TAPES gives us a glimpse into what the EP entails: “36º North and 86º West, where the past dances with the present, and the future hangs in the balance…This is a story that is told over a lifetime, and here we are for chapter one. My name is Vwillz and this is Tennessee Tapes”. From fishing, to horses, to local bars, imagine Tennessee from Vwillz’ perspective through the six songs that make up this EP. 


Eric Bellinger - "Gang Slide"
Eric Bellinger – “Gang Slide”

Eric Bellinger

Capturing all of the energy of a Cali house party, Eric Bellinger taps Mozzy to create a playful yet impassioned plea to the woman who’s currently holding his attention via Facetime to actually pull up. “Gang Slide” perfectly showcases Eric Bellinger’s clever songwriting and his ability to create emotion and add layers to the music through the way he expertly manipulates his voice.


Levitation Room - Strange Weather
Levitation Room – Strange Weather

Levitation Room

Strange Weather, the new album from psychedelic rock outfit Levitation Room is a testament to their evolution as a band exploring new elements in their music. The statement is clear –  the times are tumultuous and strange: politically, socially, and individually. Everywhere you look there’s tension brewing like dark clouds rolling over the sun. Feeling that palpable shift in the air, Levitation Room through these new songs hope to remind listeners that although times are strange they won’t be strange forever.


Henry Morris - "Taste Of Metal"
Henry Morris – “Taste Of Metal”

Henry Morris

“Taste of Metal,” the new eerie, bass-driven, and sludgy single by Henry Morris warns about the dangers of being a pretty girl in the world today…but get this…from the perspective of a true crime villain. A story akin to classic horror movies like Halloween, the song delivers goosebumps from beginning to end. So, what are you waiting for? Join the cult of Henry Morris now!


Struggle Jennings - "Twisted"
Struggle Jennings – “Twisted”

Struggle Jennings

“Twisted” is the latest single from Struggle Jennings’ highly anticipated new album El Camino set to release on April 26th. The single is a danceable, fun tune that reminds listeners that though he may have changed his life for the better, he can still become the “same motherf*cker” he once was, “so don’t get it twisted.” 


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