Month In Review: January 2024

New music highlights from the ONErpm Fam

ONErpm Fam! 2024 is off to a huge start already with tracks from MAGIC!, Chri$tian Gate$, Taylor Acorn, Ahmad Anonimis, and more. So catch up with the biggest releases that dropped this month, and subscribe to our newsletter for new tracks each and every week. Enjoy!


MAGIC! - "Good Feeling About You"
MAGIC! – “Good Feeling About You”


‘’Good Feeling About You,’’ the latest single from world-renowned indie band MAGIC!, strikes the perfect chord between nostalgia and innovation! Highlighting how someone special can brighten our lives, it’s not just a simple love song but a celebration of human connection. Promising to touch the hearts of listeners, this first single sets the tone for their upcoming album Inner Love Energy scheduled for release this March. 


Chri$tian Gate$ - "DIVE"
Chri$tian Gate$ – “DIVE”

Chri$tian Gate$

“DIVE” is a thought-provoking and introspective song that explores the uncertainties surrounding life, death, and the afterlife. With its blend of deep lyrics and a compelling melody, the track invites listeners to contemplate the mysteries that lie beyond our understanding while delivering another standout track by Chri$tian Gate$ to kick off 2024.


The Kiffness - "Worldy World (Ohaa Uha Uha)
The Kiffness – “Worldy World (Ohaa Uha Uha)

The Kiffness

Inspired by The Muyun Brothers from the Yi group of the Daliang Mountains, The Kiffness merges a hypnotic clap beat with the group’s unique voices to deliver his own spin on the tradition. Check out “Worldly World” via your favorite streaming platform!


Taylor Acorn - "Gray"
Taylor Acorn – “Gray”

Taylor Acorn

On her hopeful and introspective new single “Gray,” Taylor Acorn teams up with Dan Swank from All Time Low to deliver a track that embodies what the artist calls her “fullest form as an artist.” Relatable to every aspect of life – the highs and lows of being an adult, navigating mental health and emotions. So turn this one up loud and sing at the top of your lungs along with Taylor to kick off the weekend!


Jhariah - "PIN-EYE"
Jhariah – “PIN-EYE”


After taking five years to complete “PIN-EYE”, the latest single from Jhariah explores the way sacrifice and suffering are not only glorified in Catholicism, but the way they have negatively affected the artist’s relation with work and themselves. Though exclaiming not to be religious, this angsty and funky jam will leave us all contemplating our growing up and how that has affected our lives through the best outlet of expression – A BOP!


Brett Kissel - "Two of Us (Margarita Mix)"
Brett Kissel – “Two of Us (Margarita Mix)”

Brett Kissel

Brett Kissel’s latest release, “Two of Us,” is a catchy, upbeat country song about margaritas on vacation. The Canadian country artist sings soulfully about companionship and the need for relaxation. Just from the first few seconds, you’re transported out of the winter cold and straight to your beach chair with a friend by your side. In addition to the soothing vocals, the drum and acoustic instruments in the background further enrich the beachy, country track.


Vwillz - "PLACE TO FISH"
Vwillz – “PLACE TO FISH”


“PLACE TO FISH” imagines the simplicity of life away from society. Vwillz writes, “You can keep the fame and all the things I know it might come with. I just want to write my songs, mow my lawn, and have a place to fish.” The song is a refreshing reminder to take a step back from the busy days and escape from the responsibilities and structure of life every once in a while.


Ahmad Anonimis (feat. Kenny Mason) - "Can’t Wake Up (Remix)"
Ahmad Anonimis (feat. Kenny Mason) – “Can’t Wake Up (Remix)”

Ahmad Anonimis

The “Can’t Wake Up” remix featuring Kenny Mason is an electric release from two immensely talented Atlanta hip-hop artists. Kenny plays off Ahmad’s theme of trauma as well as the current broken state of the world. Featuring hypnotizing keys and infectious flows, Ahmad Anonimis releases the remix as part of his upcoming new album Mnt. Snug (out later in 2024).


wifisfuneral- "Forgotten"
wifisfuneral- “Forgotten”


After releasing his most personal and emotional project to close out the year, wifisfuneral is back with a whole different level of energy! Having fun with a level of wordplay very few can match, “Forgotten” reminds us exactly why he remains one of the most exciting artists in the game.


Reggie Becton - "Bad M'fkr"
Reggie Becton – “Bad M’fkr”

Reggie Becton

“Bad M’fkr” is the first single from Reggie Becton’s upcoming sequel to his Sadboy series. After maturing from his playboy ways, love is doing its best to elude him. On this midtempo, string-driven jam, the object of his affection has worked their spell on him but refuses to commit and leaves Reggie wondering if he’s missed his chance at true love? Catchy and too relatable, Reggie’s new record fully encompasses a true “sadboy” theme.


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