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They say March is in like a lion and out like a lamb, but the ONErpm Fam released lions all month long! With new tracks from Britnee Kellogg, Chri$tian Gate$, Yelawolf, and more, there’s something for everybody in the pride. Subscribe to our newsletter to get new music updates every week that’ll make you roar! (Okay, no more lion puns. We promise.)


The Greeting Committee - "Where'd All My Friends Go?"
The Greeting Committee – “Where’d All My Friends Go?”

The Greeting Committee

“Where’d All My Friends Go?” the latest single by The Greeting Committee captures the heartache of growing older and apart from the friends you thought you’d have forever. The Greeting Committee’s Addie Sartino and flipturn’s Dillon Basse trade off personal tales of loss as they lead us into a ripping guitar lead by indie darling Briston Maroney. While old friends may be absent from this track, new friends stand shining beside The Greeting Committee to create one of their catchiest and most striking tunes to date.


Yelawolf - "Make You Love Me"
Yelawolf – “Make You Love Me”


Flexing his range once again, Alabama-born and Nashville-based multiplatinum chart-topping artist, entrepreneur, and Slumerican Founder Yelawolf shares a new single and music video entitled “Make You Love Me”. On the track, a smoky bass line thumps beneath a hummable vocal harmony, and leans into a dreamy cadence. Check out “Make You Love Me” and the accompanying video out now!


Chri$tian Gate$ - "Food Poisoning"
Chri$tian Gate$ – “Food Poisoning”

Chri$tian Gate$

“Food Poisoning” is exactly what it sounds like, translated to heartbreak. “You make my stomach hurt, I’m poppin’ Tylenol ’cause girl you really pinched a nerve.” Chri$tian Gate$ expresses the demoralizing feeling of watching your ex fall in love with someone else right in front of you. Hoping and dreaming to be right back where he was months before, “dreaming of nights I had you right here.”


Bee-B - "Wait"
Bee-B – “Wait”


“Wait” is the 2024 version of John Legend’s hit “Ordinary People”.  Backed by a grand piano, Bee-B belts out a beautiful, timeless tune about being willing to sacrifice to find her forever love.  With every note, she urges you to believe that “what’s for you will come to you.”  She reminds listeners that there’s someone somewhere out in the world waiting for you to be their soulmate, too.


Justin Champagne - "Dangerous"
Justin Champagne – “Dangerous”

Justin Champagne

Starting 2024 off strong with a hidden gem. “Dangerous” is a song that Justin has been sitting on for years, only leaking it across TikTok a few times in 2023. It received a tremendous response from fans, begging Justin to release the song.  Finally, the day has come when the fan-favorite song will see the light of day. Listen in to hear a perfect blend of Justin’s traditional sound as a country/R&B artist with his Latin heritage. 


Deitrick Haddon - "Without You"
Deitrick Haddon – “Without You”

Deitrick Haddon

“Without You” is Deitrick’s “thank you” to his Lord and Savior for leading him when he had no direction, protecting him at his most vulnerable, and shouldering the weight when he couldn’t carry on any further on his own.  It’s more contemporary than his previous releases but will surely strike a chord with fans who have followed him throughout his career.  This is the third single from Deitrick’s upcoming album, One Night In California, slated for release on May 17th.


Silent Theory - "Burn It All Down"
Silent Theory – “Burn It All Down”

Silent Theory

Loud and thrashing, “Burn It All Down,” the new single by Silent Theory, is about being fed up with people and society putting you down. The band unites us all in being tired of being told that you’re not good enough and having to fight through it all. 2024 is going to be another monstrous year with several festival performances on the horizon including a brand new album coming in August 2024.


Britnee Kellogg - "She's Come a Long Way"
Britnee Kellogg – “She’s Come a Long Way”

Britnee Kellogg

Perfectly in tune with Women’s History Month, Britnee Kellogg just dropped her latest single, “She’s Come a Long Way.” The lyrics of this song reminisce on the transformation of a young girl into a strong, independent woman. “Cause there’s a girl in the mirror with that same sweet face, a few more lines from a few mistakes, miles behind her, and miles to go.” Feel the nostalgia of childhood and the beauty of aging while listening to Britnee Kellogg’s warm and melodic voice. 


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