Month in Review: May 2024

Mayday, Mayday! The ONErpm Fam just dropped some sick tracks!

As spring turns into summer, the hits just keep coming from the ONErpm Fam! With new releases from Sports, Ray Volpe, Struggle Jennings, and much more, there’s plenty of variety to get those Summer Jamz playlists started. Want to get these updates straight to your inbox? Make sure to sign up for our newsletter!


Sports, Gus Dapperton - "Thank You For Leaving"
Sports, Gus Dapperton – “Thank You For Leaving”

Sports, Gus Dapperton

Gus Dapperton & Sports are teaming up on the new single “Thank You For Leaving.’’ Long-time admirers of each other’s music, Gus paid a visit to the band’s studio in Tulsa, OK while passing through on tour. The collaboration sparked an immediate connection and they finished the track in just one day. The result is a dreamy chill-pop track showcasing the best of both artist’s abilities. You won’t wanna miss it!


Yelawolf, Jelly Roll - “Trailer In The Sky”
Yelawolf, Jelly Roll – “Trailer In The Sky”

Yelawolf, Jelly Roll

The King of Tennessee is back and featuring Jelly Roll! “Trailer In The Sky” stomps and flows confidently as the two artists embrace where they came from and prove one can overcome all obstacles to be great. Leading by example, Yelawolf and Jelly Roll bring us the heat we need to get the weekend going. 


Ray Volpe - “Song Request”
Ray Volpe – “Song Request”

Ray Volpe

Ray Volpe’s long-awaited track “SONG REQUEST” is finally here! Debuting at Countdown NYE in San Bernardino, CA during Ray’s midnight set last year, this catchy tune quickly found its way to millions of people before its release via social media – it’s even earned early support from the likes of DJ Diesel and Steve Aoki. With incredibly catchy hooks that are impossible not to dance to, Ray Volpe has truly created the club banger of the summer!


Leo Waters - “Outlaws”
Leo Waters – “Outlaws”

Leo Waters

“Outlaws” is the third and final single before Leo’s debut EP On Waters Ave. Riding high from his previous singles “Smoke + Mirrors” and “That’s Tough,” Leo presents a stripped-back track that showcases his dynamic and mesmerizing emergence within R&B and pop. “Outlaws” is about the thrill of a dangerous relationship where you’re willing to do anything to prove your love, even when you know it’s bad for you.


Struggle Jennings - El Camino
Struggle Jennings – El Camino

Struggle Jennings

Country outlaw troubadour Struggle Jennings returns with his long-awaited album, El Camino. From “Road I Came” to “It’s All Good ‘Til It Ain’t” this new album from Struggle includes some of his strongest songwriting to date. Struggle’s seen a meteoric rise over the past year and half, touring sold out amphitheaters and arenas with Jelly Roll and Brantley Gilbert, so this is one album not to miss!


Henry Morris - “Forever Young”
Henry Morris – “Forever Young”

Henry Morris

Quick decisions can have life-long consequences, especially in the case of young love. Delivering a sultry and seductive mood, Henry’s latest single “Forever Young” tells a noir narrative about a boy falling for a girl he just met and running away together. As the adrenaline rush starts to fade, the couple begins to realize the reality of their decision. Hopelessly praying to remain “forever young” as the spark quickly disappears, the love wilts on this irresistible emotional roller coaster by Henry Morris.


Taylor Acorn - “High Horse”
Taylor Acorn – “High Horse”

Taylor Acorn 

Taylor Acorn has the music industry and social media experience to know that, no matter how hard you try, there will always be people who just really love to hate you. She’s not going to let that get her down, though! In her confident new single “High Horse,” Taylor employs powerful guitars and anthemic melodies to remind us all to be strong, ignore the haters, and remember that it’s never as deep of a cut as it seems.


Vwillz - "DADDY QUITS"
Vwillz – “DADDY QUITS”


Though Vwillz has built an impressive catalog with tens of millions of streams, “DADDY QUITS” opens a raw and heartbreakingly intimate new chapter for the Nashville-based artist.  Rooted in lyrics that dig deeper than most artists are willing to go, “DADDY QUITS” is a stripped-down acoustic track about loving and admiring someone despite their flaws. Father’s Day isn’t until next month, but make sure to add this one to Dad’s playlist. 


BIGBABYGUCCI - “Nightstand”
BIGBABYGUCCI – “Nightstand”


On his latest single “Nightstand,” BIGBABYGUCCI flexes his muscles on the industry and the spoils that come with it. He’s not impressed by what others around him define as “success” – the women, the cars, the clothes. He attained those things long before he ever rapped. He’s here for respect. Over this filtered audio head banger of a track he goes for it all. The production is futuristic Kanye, the lyrics are Travis Scott in his prime, and BBG is surely the next to blow up!


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