One Publishing Mexico: Recap and Succes Stories

We look back at some of our achievements in the Mexican territory

What we’ve been up to…

Since its inception, One Publishing Mexico has helped around 200 clients, managing a catalog of 4,000 compositions from Mexican creators. Our rapid growth in royalty collection from SACM highlights the positive impact on Mexican territory.

ONE Publishing’s SACM revenue growth (2021-2023)


Strategic partners such as MLC, BMI, and YouTube in the U.S., SAYCO, UBC, SCD, Latin Autor in Latin America, and MINT in Europe, Africa, and Asia enable ONE Publishing to collect royalties from diverse international sources to maximize income for its Mexican clients.

This allows ONE Publishing to ensure income from various platforms with a global reach, from Spotify and YouTube to Facebook or TikTok.

Mexican Success Stories

Amantes del Futuro

Amantes del Futuro is one of the projects of composer and producer Ima Fellini. Since 2002, he has been dedicated to composing and producing various types of cumbias for this project as well as for other groups. Amantes del Futuro bases its sound on Fellini’s favorite styles: Colombian Cumbia, Sonidera, Rebajada, Editada,Poblana, Villera, and Peruvian, always seeking the connection between electronic music and this ancient rhythm.

In 2021, as a client of ONErpm to distribute his songs, Fellini did not hesitate to create a DIY account with ONE Publishing when he saw that we started offering our publishing services.

Thanks to the help of ONE Publishing, Ima Fellini has collected publishing royalties worldwide, without having to give up any percentage of copyright for his works.

Publishing Revenue Breakdown for Amantes del Futuro

Since ONE Publishing started working with Amantes del Futuro’s compositions, his publishing income has been increasing year by year, gaining more weight within their various sources of revenue.

Weight of Publishing Compared to Distribution Earnings for Amantes del Futuro


Dave Bolaño

Dave Bolaño is a Colombian artist and composer with over 16 years of experience under his belt. His single “Me Levante” was a social media sensation, garnering over 20 million views solely on TikTok

Thanks to his success in Mexican and US territories, ONE Publishing has helped him to collect publishing royalties from diverse sources such as SACM, BMI, the MLC or Youtube Publishing.

Publishing Revenue Breakdown for Dave Bolaño



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