[Artist Support] ISRC & UPC Updates and Alterations

Can I update the ISRC and/or UPC of my album after I've submitted it?

Can I update the ISRC and / or UPC of my album?


ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code. A 12-character code that works as a fingerprint for each song. It’s important to understand these codes as they are what truly tracks back to an artist’s bottomline.


UPC stands for Universal Product Code, a kind of barcode for a product. It can be applied to a single, an EP or an album. It is quite common to find this code on the back cover of the discs and it is used to control the sales of a certain product.


Both have a very important mission to control the use (be it stream, sale, etc.) of the musical product of the artists and composers on the most diverse platforms.


For these reasons it is not possible to change them after the album is already distributed. But if the artist needs to change a UPC or an ISRC he will have to create a new album with the correct codes and then request the takedown of the previous album.


To request the takedown of the first album on ONErpm, the artist must send a ticket to our support through the following link: https://onerpm.com/support/tickets


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