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Do I need to be authorized to use a sample?  

Yes, always. Samples are protected by copyright, that is, rules established by federal law to protect the relationship between the creator and the use of their creations, whether artistic, literary or scientific. Intellectual property law can include all sorts of things, and music is regulated alongside articles, books, paintings, compositions, illustrations, photographs, inventions, and ideas themselves. 

Because of this deep level of respect for for intellectual property in the law, sampling is regulated and controlled. Every artist who wants to use samples must have the creator’s authorization for any type of use of copyrighted content. If the artist has written and nominal authorization from the creator, they can use the sample without any problems.


If you as an artist haven’t obtained this authorization, don’t waste our time and yours by using samples or any other copyrighted content because the album / EP / single won’t be approved. It is the exclusive right of the author to dispose of their work as they wish, that is, they may use their creation as they wish, as well as allowing third parties to use it, in whole or in part. If you have the authorization and are distributing it through ONErpm, keep it handy, so our team can request it when necessary.


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