TikTok Tips: Choosin

How do I make my music available to TikTok and ringtones?

How do I select the portion of my track that will be available on TikTok and ringtone platforms?


Anyone who wants to make their music available for ringtone platforms or for TikTok, needs to know that only a part of the chosen song, that is, only 30 seconds of the track will be sent.


Can you choose which 30 seconds will be sent?



First, when the artist is registering the tracks on their album, they just have to select the option Generate Ringtone.


At the end of the registration process, the artist will have the option to choose the minute they would like to send to the Ringtone platforms. This same draft will also be used for TikTok. If no time period is selected, the first 30 seconds of your track will be sent. You can also edit this under Distribution Tools.

To select the part of the song you want to send, just move the cursor to the minute where you would like the track to start playing and our system selects automatically selects the next 30 seconds.

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