Elohim & ONErpm Announce Live Installation With Dolby

The Art Piece Will Reimagine Journey To The Center Of Myself Vol. 4

Today, ONErpm is excited to announce an innovative collaboration with Dolby to launch Journey to the Center of Myself Vol. 4,  a new art piece from Elohim created to accompany her most recent EP release of the same name. The 18-minute installation will be displayed in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos at the Dolby Screening Room – Hollywood Vine in Los Angeles, CA on July 21, 2022, by invitation only. Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos take this cinematic art experience to the next level by helping fans connect with Elohim in a deeper, more emotional way.

Journey to the Center of Myself Vol. 4 is the final culmination of a year-long journey where Elohim explored themes of confidence, fantasy, self-loathing, and finally self-acceptance. This was the first piece of music the producer, singer-songwriter, and DJ wrote and produced by herself, alone in her bedroom. Working with long-time creative director Chase O’Black the Journey to the Center of Myself Vol. 4 art installation is an extension of Elohim’s true identity.

“I remember walking into the studio and our wonderful engineer Adam was so excited to show me the Dolby Atmos mixes,” Elohim shares. “I loved that he wanted me to have the full experience and my first thought was ‘wow, it feels like being in outer space.’ You can hear a whole world, not just sounds. It’s like listening in 3D. At that moment I truly understood Dolby Atmos Mixes.”

Journey To The Center Of Myself Vol. 4 With Dolby
Image Via Elohim

With Dolby Vision, colors pop while images on-screen blaze brightly with dazzling highlights, incredible detail, and incomparable contrast. Fully enveloping fans inside her music, Dolby Atmos gives each song the space and freedom to reveal details with unparalleled clarity and depth. Together, fans will feel and see inside Elohim’s creativity, experiencing this art installation at its fullest.

Mixing engineer Adam Comstock continues, “Mixing Journey to the Center of Myself Vol. 4 for Dolby Atmos was a great experience. Elohim‘s music lends itself really well to the medium; it’s sonically rich and has an inherent spatial quality about it. Being able to expand on that and add even greater depth and dimension was a lot of fun, creatively, and Pro Tools’ native integration with Atmos made the workflow feel really natural.”

Fans can also enjoy Elohim’s latest album, Journey to the Center of Myself Vol. 4, now streaming in Dolby Atmos on Apple Music. Stay tuned for more information about the Journey to the Center of Myself Vol. 4 video stream to be released in Fall 2022 on all video platforms via ONErpm.

Media interested in attending, please contact alexandra@adprco.com


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