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It's Like A Reward (10/29/21)

It’s been a crazy week ONErpm fam! But we did it. We made it to the weekend. Consider these amazing new Indie releases as a reward for your hard work.

Stolen Nova for NMF Indie Releases
Stolen Nova – “Clouds”

Somewhere between the foggy haze of shoegaze and the distinct color palette of a spaghetti western sits Stolen Nova’s delightful new single. Tracks don’t normally come this jam-ready, but “Clouds” has provided us with endless bass guitar rhythms reinforced by a dustbowl chord progression, and washed-out vocals about floating into the big blue sky. This is indie dance-rock with a cowboy hat on, and we absolutely love it.

namou for NMF Indie Releases
namou – “not a summer song”

Newcomer Namou might only be sixteen, but his first single ‘not a summer song’ shows his craftsmanship as a songwriter is far beyond his years. Echoing a subgenre of indie rock that seems to consistently go viral, this song will have you grooving at your desk during math, reminiscing on a boring summer with no plans, while also, somehow, uplifting you until that 2 PM bell rings and you can get on the bus.

dESPAIN NMF Indie Releases
dESPAIN – “Death Bed”

Mixing traditional hard rock drums with hip-hop production doesn’t always work, but dESPAIN has certainly found a way. New single ‘Death Bed’ hovers between talk-rap verses and big-punk vibes, with enough head-banging energy to keep you moving during both sections.

More Great Indie Releases

The Yves – “T-Shirt”
Luxtides – “No Man’s Land”










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