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Take a beat and chat with Sam Tinnesz

With the release of his new album There Goes The Neighborhood, and work alongside All American Rejects legend Nick Wheeler, Sam Tinnesz has had a big couple of months. Let’s take a beat and chat with the Rock Singer Songwriter for a few questions…

What goals did you reach in 2022? What do you hope to accomplish in 2023? 

“I really wanted to do a small headlining run of shows in 2022 and we did just that! I went out with Bryce Fox on the Loser Tour and it was so fun hitting Indianapolis, Denver, Atlanta and other cities together! It was the first time meeting a lot of my die-hard fans and people traveled from all over to be there. I also got my first gold record as a featured vocalist on Kygo’s album Golden Hour! It was wild being able to have that kind of success in a genre that is totally new for me. 

“In 2023, I hope to see my new album find its way across the globe and take on a life of its own. I hope to do some smaller European tours and maybe even get over to Asia. I also would really love to see the new songs find their way into movies and television as well! I’ve got a lot of dreams for this year and if only a few of these things happen I’ll be very thankful.”

You’ve written for many artists including: Ruelle, Toby Mac, Fleurie and also for collaborations with UNSECRET. What is your process like writing for someone else or a piece of media like the After movies compared to just for yourself?  What is your favorite thing about writing with other artists?

“When I write for somebody else I want to hear their vision for where they are headed and what they hope to accomplish. I also love hearing the music they are making right then in that moment to make sure we are hitting the same target or to see if they’re missing someone I think might even be more successful for them. I love coming alongside their vision and pushing forward with them. 

It’s not that different when I’m writing songs that are meant to be used in shows or movies. I am often trying to listen to the sound of the shows and get to know the characters and put myself in their headspace. It’s a fun thing to put on a character when writing music and definitely yields a much different result than when I’m writing for my own stuff or another artist’s music.”

You’ve also collaborated with a lot of artists this year, including: Dashboard Confessional, Kat Leon, and Bryce Fox. Who do you hope to work with next?

“I am really hoping to do a new song with the Our Last Night guys because our other one did so well and I loved the experience. I also hope to have a rock song with an EDM twist by a DJ maybe this year. Lastly, it would be insane to do something with Weezer. They are definitely one of my favorite bands right now.”

Your new album, There Goes The Neighborhood, comes out this year and fans are pumped! What do you hope listeners take away from it? What do you think they’ll freak out over the most?

“I hope people hear it and feel a rollercoaster of emotions. Maybe they’ll put on “Sometimes People Suck” and laugh and then skip over to “Bittersweet” and think about someone they love and then hop over to a song like “33 (good die young)” and let some tears out. I think they’ll freak out about the wild lyrics and guitar solos. Lol That’s my favorite part about the record!”

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