Supporting Those In Turkey & Syria

How You Can Help the Victims of the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

On Monday, Turkey and Syria were hit by a devastating earthquake. The disaster has left countless people injured and homeless. In this time of need, it is important that we come together to support the victims of the earthquake.


Donate to Relief Organizations:

International aid organizations such as The Red Crescent, UNICEF, and OXFAM are providing support to those affected by the earthquake. You can make a monetary donation to one or all of these organizations to help them purchase the supplies and resources they need to support those in need. Local organizations accepting donations include AKUT, and AHBAP.



If you are in the affected area, consider volunteering your time and efforts to help with the relief effort. Whether it is helping with the distribution of supplies or offering emotional support to those in need, your help will make a difference.


Give Blood:

Even before the earthquake, blood reserves in Turkey had fallen far below the minimum level. If you’re based in MENA, consider giving blood via the Turkish Red Crescent. You can find a donation center near you by visiting their profile.


The earthquake in Turkey and Syria has caused immense damage and suffering. By coming together and supporting those affected by the disaster, we can help make a difference. Whether it is through monetary donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness, every little bit helps. Remember, monetary donations are often the most effective way to help disaster victims, as they allow relief organizations to quickly purchase the supplies and resources they need.

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