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These Country Releases Are Sure To Impress (10/22/21)

The level of talent in the ONErpm fam ceases to amaze us. Check out these breathtakingly good Country releases hitting streaming platforms this week.

Caroline Jones – “No Daylight”

It doesn’t take a genius to know that “No Daylight” is a hit just seconds into listening. Caroline Jones has one of those voices that makes your insides feel warm and the rest of the world stop.

Taylor Acorn Country Releases
Taylor Acorn – “Left You Instead”

Taylor Acorn is nothing if not a hitmaker and “Left You Instead” only raises the bar. If you, like us, have been searching for a song that combines early 2000s energy mixed with a strong pop presence and country hooks, “Left You Instead” is everything you’ve ever needed and nothing you’ve ever wanted to hear from someone you love.

Ian McConnell Country Releases
Ian McConnell – “I Miss Being in Love”

When Ian McConnell left an unhealthy relationship, he couldn’t shake how much he missed being in love. If you’ve ever missed the idea of someone or longed for what was, Ian McConnell is singing all about it in his new record “I Miss Being in Love”.

More Great Country Releases

Thomas Csorba – “For You” (OurVinyl Sessions)
Taylor Austin Dye – “Water Me Down”
Kaylee Rose – “High on You”
Jessie G – “Rainbow Lullaby”


















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