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Elohim Continues Her Journey! Happy New Music Friday!

New Elohim, Julianna Joy, and Meg and Dia this Friday #onerpmfam. Happy listening!

Elohim – Journey to the Center of Myself, Vol. 3

Part 3 is here! Elohim’s journey continues! Journey to the Center of Myself, Vol. 3 starts strong with her singles “Little Idiot” and “Don’t Kick Me” staged as the exposition of over-self-examination followed by a more downtempo change of heart in the following tracks. Whether you’re feeling high or low, Elohim’s latest journey through gorgeous pop, trance, and tropical house sound should be on the top of your stream list.

Julianna Joy – “Teenage Boys”

“Teenage Boys.” What is it about them that is just truly awful? Scholars could debate it for hours, but no one would capture it like Julianna Joy and her new single “Teenage Boys.” With write-ups in Cool Hunting and Under The Radar Magazine, this track is less MCR-angst about teenagers, and more sheer exasperation and exhaustion with the lot of them – as Juliana puts it: “they’re all the same, no they won’t change.”

Meg & Dia – “Hotel Room”

Meg and Dia’s latest single “Hotel Room” opens with an ethereal production and vocals calling out from the next room. As the track develops and the drums join the party you’re certain to catch a serotonin rush as this sonic poptimism track washes over you.

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