New Music Friday (07/10/20)

Paul Oakenfold, OVERSTREET, Dylan Reese and More!

Happy Friday! If you’re on the hunt for new tunes to juice up your weekend, we’ve got a fresh helping of goodies to choose from!👇🏻

At the top of our list is a new track from Paul Oakenfold that sees the trance legend going pop with iconic Puerto-Rican singer Luis Fonsi (of “Despacito” fame).🔥🔥🔥 The track is called “The World Can Wait” and is a tribute to our healthcare heroes.

Our other colossal release this week is a Jetlag Music remix of OVERSTREET timely “Summertime” and it absolutely oozes poppy goodness. This infectious bop will be stuck in your head for the foreseeable future; if it doesn’t have you whistling along by the end of the first chorus you might need to get your ears checked out.😉

Also in the hip-hop world is the latest track from Dylan Reese upcoming project, Rap Dylan 2! The new song. “WTM” features Sammy Adams and it’s the perfect jam for those long summer nights.😍

Then there’s 1990Nowhere a new supergroup collaboration featuring Lost Boy Crow, Armors, and Olivver the Kid – the amount of potential this project has is crazy, you’re going to love their first track “Watergun”.

Elsewhere in the hip-hop universe is new Sammy Pharaoh, “Goddess” sees the rapper swerving over an off-kilter beat and serenading the listener

We also have the fourth single from Abstract’s upcoming album, Kintsugi! “Arrived” features Futuristic and is certain to be your new favorite pump up song

Sizzy Rocket is back this week with “Rollerskating” that sees the songwriter getting more emotionally vulnerable and addressing learning to love oneself over a dreamy, ethereal beat — don’t miss the song’s floral and spunky lyric video

DOITALL released “Keep the Faith” featuring Ras Baraka, which feeatures a fantastic old-school beat with some killer sax, check it out!

A big shoutout to Madalen Duke who’s new song “Born Alone Die Alone” is featured in the new Netflix film Old Guard staring Charlize Theron!

And lastly this week we’re featuring a new R&B act called Natalie Carr who fearlessly confronts her legacy of “broken home and broken bottles” with her brave new release “Sad Little Rant”.

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