How To Improve Your Engagement On Instagram

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Even when you think you’ve come up with an amazing post for Instagram, your audience might not agree. While it might sting for a moment, have no fear #ONErpmfam. We are going to walk you through exactly what it takes to get your engagement up across social media, so you are getting the most of your audience’s attention.

What Is Engagement? 

Engagement can be considered the interactions that your content generates from your followers, i.e: comments, likes, shares, and saves. 

Many people believe the goal is to have a large number of followers, but this is of little use if those followers do not engage with your content. That’s why it’s vital to have posts that grab attention and add value to your audience. 

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Tips To Improve Your Engagement

Use interactive stickers in your stories: Whether it’s a poll or a box of questions, these activities invite your audience to interact with you on Instagram by reacting or sending a comment. In addition to helping your content reach more people, you will also be able to learn about your audience’s preferences, doubts, and comments and use them to your advantage in your launches. 

Show your personality in your feed: Don’t just share images of your releases, share a little of your day-to-day. Show your audience who you are, what you’re passionate about, talk to them in your stories and showcase original content like behind the scenes of your video or a day in the studio. 

Share valuable information in a carousel: Search for a topic that may be interesting to your audience and create attractive graphics that allow you to talk about it. A carousel allows up to 10 images, so you can combine text with photos and videos. 

Create dynamics for your fans: Take advantage of your releases to get closer to your audience through contests, giveaways, and opportunities to meet you or be part of your next videos. Extra: Look for the prizes to be attractive! Offer signed albums, meet & greets, participation in your videos or even tickets for your concerts. 

Use relevant hashtags: Find 3-5 hashtags that are related to the topic you are talking about. You can use place hashtags (eg #ForoSol), brand (they can be about your own projects like the name of your band or your album), industry (eg #music), community (hashtags of something unique to you, like the name of your fans) and descriptive (about the topic you are talking about, eg #launch).

Use IG’s tools to your advantage: Instagram is always adding new content options for you to try. Take advantage of them by hosting a live video every month, publishing short reels that are attractive to your audience, and ask your fans to add you to their favorites so that your content appears first. Using all of these tools will help make them feel closer to your music.


Instagram Tools
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Remember that the goal is to make your audience react with a like or comment, share and save your Instagram posts so that your account can continue to grow organically and more people see your content. By improving your engagement you will see how your account will grow and your posts will have more interactions taking your music further. 


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