New Music Friday [10/23/20]

The Dead South, Anarbor, 1990Nowhere and Many More!

It’s Friday once again and as always, we’ve got the fresh tracks to get your weekend going.

Right off the bat we’ve got a great jam in M.A.G.S.’ contemplative single “Smile.” The band takes the innate heartache that any romantic partnership entails and weaves a gorgeous indie rock ballad out of it. You’re not gonna want to miss the surreal Film Noir detective thriller of a music video that accompanies this track — odds are you’ll have to watch it more than once to wrap your mind around it.

“Tasty” is the perfect title for this next song by Anarbor. With killer guitar licks and an addictive hook, this alt rock track’s one to leave on repeat.

The trop-house Snakehips remix to Elohim’s alt-pop manic-depressive anthem “Good Day Bad Day” absolutely slaps, and you’re going to love to see the way they’ve reworked her original music video, pushing it through an inverted color spectrum and chopping up the visuals to create an entrancing experience.

Next up is the new OurVinyl session with Folk-Bluegrass group The Dead South. With four heartfelt tracks this project bristles with the sort of old-time authenticity the group is known for.

1990Nowhere’s latest anthem is called “Sundance Kid.” Lostboycrow, Armors, and Olivver the Kid’s supergroup has done it again with a garage rock / power-pop ditty that summons imagery of the California coast, overwrought philosophy, and an adolescent thirst for life.

Following that up is Brit Taylors new single “Broken Heart Breaks.” The familiar homespun twang of a slide guitar pairs beautifully with Brit’s unique Americana tone to form a refreshing take on the classic country love song.

“BURIED ALIVE,” Ryan Oakes’ new single outlines the hustle involved in life as an up-and-coming musician in 2020. With a truly different sound that’s reminiscent of both Post Malone and Linkin Park, this one can’t fail.

In the Pop space, Katelyn Traver left us with her new track “Fall Apart Too.” With wandering guitar along side Katelyn’s heartfelt lyricism this track will draw you in and leave you wistful.

Demun Jones is back again with more Outlaw Rap hits. His new EP Country Rap is about as good as it gets with features from Long Cut and Brandon Hartt.

 “Molotov cocktails, chaos, mayhem,” Goodie Mobs latest, “Frontline” addresses the tumult and unrest that America’s militarized police forces have fomented in recent years. The protest banger is supremely of the moment, and sure to get you on your feet and into the streets.

Finally, Chuck Wick’s new single “Solid Gold” is just that, gold. With lyrics like “It’ll hold you like a Conway song,” Chuck gives a nod to his Country forbearers and brings the listener in to an intimate headspace.

Then there’s The Dead Deads “In For Blood” an awesome new Classic Rock-inspired belter from the Nashville-based head-banging trio.
Finally, high octane rock group New Language dropped a existential new song “Stuck With Yourself”

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