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The Best New Country Tracks This Week

Howdy, everyone! Happy Friday! Check out the hottest country tracks this week from ONErpm!

Ray Scott - "Take A Drink/As Long As The Bar's Open" Album Cover
Ray Scott – “Take A Drink/As Long As The Bar’s Open”

Ray Scott gets personal with introspective lyricism on substance abuse as he sheds light on the darkness of the matter in his song “Take a Drink.” You can hear the cry in his voice when he sings about the juxtaposition of trying to take the edge off with a drink when it’s really the drink that puts the edge on. The second part of his two sided single “As Long as the Bar’s Open” has a similar sentiment to the first half of this project with discussions of the bar being a safe place. He knows that if his heart is broken, at least the bar is open and there is simply nothing more country than that.

Rayne Johnson - "Somebody With A Broken Heart"
Rayne Johnson – “Somebody With A Broken Heart”

Rayne Johnson’s “Somebody with a Broken Heart” sounds a lot like a classic country/pop hit to us and it screams “Hot Girl Summer” Nashville Edition. He seems to be feeling “pretty good for somebody with a broken heart” which is a total vibe for a Summer out of quarantine.

Beyond The Sun - "Later In Life" Album Cover
Beyond The Sun – “Later In Life”

You might be taken aback by the genre-defying group Beyond The Sun and their song “Later in Life” because it starts out sounding more pop influenced than anything else.“Later in Life ” is sentimental, sweet, brutally honest, and reflective, showcasing the secrets of not learning important lessons until after-the-fact.

Scott Stevens - "I Feel Good" Album Artwork
Scott Stevens – “I Feel Good”

Scott Stevens “I Feel Good (Part 3 of 3)” will make you feel more than good; if it doesn’t, we advise you to see a doctor. This song has a hook that could kill, and a groove that is undeniable.

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