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Check Out What's Poppin This Week

What’s up, everyone? Happy New Music Friday! Check out the hottest Pop tracks this week from the ONErpm fam.

Journey to the Center of Myself by Elohim Album Cover
Elohim – Journey to the Center of Myself: Volume 1

IT’S HERE! Finally. With “Strut” tearing it up on TikTok, we knew something must have been in the works. Elohim is putting the moves on us with 5 electro-pop, EDM-inspired bangers. Listen to “Nice” for that vital reminder that you “need to be nice to (your)self” then “take a Journey to a place where worry is a concept that we just can’t comprehend”.

Pusher – I Could Give It Up (Nightcore Remixes)

Remix alert!!!!! We’ve got some new Nightcore versions of Pusher’s cellphone smashing hit “I Could Give It Up”. Coming at you at max velocity these remixes to Pusher’s song are a fun and creative take on the original record.

Diamonds in the Ring by Pretty Sister Album Cover
Pretty Sister – “Diamonds in the Ring”

Vocal charmer Pretty Sister is melting hearts again with his latest single “Diamonds in the Ring”, a suave cheeky single from the rising pop R&B star.


Strike by Little Monarch Album Cover
Little Monarch – “Strike”
Two Lovers by Dana and the Wolf Album Cover
Dana and the Wolf – “Two Lovers”
This Song's For Taylor Swift by Emma Jayne Album Cover
Emma Jayne – “This Song’s For Taylor Swift”
Lightweight by Lena Stone Album Cover
Lena Stone – “Lightweight”


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