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A Very Mellow End To The Week (1/14/22)

Congratulations #onerpmfam you officially made it to Friday. That means you’ll have all the time you need this weekend to dive into some excellent new Alt & Indie releases.

Skrizzly Adams – “Young Man”

New Jersey-based Skrizzly Adams has blessed us with the rerelease of his album “Young Man.” If you haven’t heard of the indie rocker, use this album as a primer to discover what makes him such a great artist.

Little Monarch – “Sweater Weather”

Little Monarch really knows how to create an atmosphere. This lofi cover of “Sweater Weather” is wildly inventive and incredibly mellow, with a warm guitar and soft drums lazily walking the singer through a very good vocal performance.

The Song Confessional & !!! – “All I Wanted Was a Photograph”

The Song Confessional has teamed up with dance-punk legends !!! for a one-of-a-kind collage of a track that honors some of their influences and contemporaries like Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem. “All I Wanted Was A Photograph” features programmed drumming and a vocal melody from the 80’s, with thick synths, digital toms, and falsetto backing injecting an instant groove in your speakers.

Veridia – “Pain Reliever”

Combining big guitar riffs with modern pop stylings, Veridia‘s new single “Pain Reliever” is a must-listen. The song explodes towards the end of the track, gathering all the different elements used throughout the record to deliver an impactful blow.

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