How To Distribute Your Music

Introducing ONErpm Youtube Tutorials

Whether you are a new artist looking to distribute your music for the first time, or an experienced act looking to migrate your catalog, ONErpm has you covered with this series of short tutorials.

This week, in our series covering ONErpm‘s Youtube tutorials for artists and their teams, we’ll be going over how to distribute your music.

This tutorial covers how to properly add album metadata, upload audio, distribute your lyrics, and more. Remember, if you are an artist looking to migrate their catalog to ONErpm, this same process still applies. Just make sure you issue takedowns with your previous distributor once your records have been redistributed through ONErpm.

Next up, we’ll be going over how to distribute your music videos through the easy-to-use ONErpm dashboard. In the meantime, get started releasing your music!  We’re excited to welcome you to the #onerpmfam.



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