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Distribution to UGC Platforms

What does it mean when the song is approved for all platforms except “UGC”?

It’s important for artists to know what User Generated Content, or UGC, is. UGC includes any content created by the public on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It could be someone’s wedding day, a tribute to their dog, a recap of their vacation, whatever! These are platforms where the user can be a content creator so as a result, sometimes, music from artists (including your music) is used to make it more exciting.

The ONErpm system can disable the identification of copies on UGC platforms because the song is a commonly-used sample, a relatively simple beat, or sounds similar to other work. This process is mandated by the rules of these platforms and protects the artist from possible undue claims, conflicts and strikes, which could harm your ability to distribute normally.

Every week, our approval team reevaluates all the songs in our catalog that have an extensive number of plays and potential copies on these platforms. Taking care to avoid conflicts and false claims, we activate copy-tracking on these songs when possible. This can generate extra revenue for the artist if the content has copies with many views on platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

When music is approved for all platforms except “UGC” it just means that your music is being distributed normally. If our team spots an iteration of your Intellectual Property doing numbers on one of these sites it’ll make sure to activate copy-tracking.

If you see someone using your music as their soundtrack, don’t fret! Just submit a support ticket to us and we should be able to secure you a portion of the revenue that video is driving.

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