New Music Friday (07/03/2020)

Tim Legend, Moonshine Bandits, OBN Dev & More!

Happy American Independence Day! 🎉🇺🇸 If you’re looking for some choice tracks to add to your barbecue playlist, then look no further, because our ONErpm Fam is making musical fireworks!✨

Our first featured artist this week is Tim Legend and his latest track “Party Trick”. Tim’s bright, ethereal sound falls somewhere between Vacationer and Teebs and will be sure to be prominent on our lo-fi/experimental playlist.

If you’re looking for some country rap to fire up the grill to, Moonshine Bandits ought to have you covered with their latest, “Red, White, & Boozed”. 🎶

If you’re more in the mood for harder hip-hop 🔥, OBN Dev continues to make an Anarchists’ Cookbook of tracks, like this week’s “Swipe Scriptures” where he explains how he ‘got rich in just a year, some how ya’ll pockets is still flat’.

In the Americana space, Sarah Lake keeps it confessional with her new single, “Messy” — touching on baggage and accepting our loved ones for who they are, good and bad.

Emmrose has a plaintive and wistful new track, with hints of DeVotchKa and Lana Del Ray in the alt-pop anthem “Grass Was Greener”.❤️

Rachel Reinert‘s latest has an impeccable modern R&B tone to it with its hypnotic and appropriately wavey tone on “Ocean”. 😍

If you’re in the mood for hooky pop-rock, listen to The UMA‘s “Fire”. 😉😍

Lastly, there’s Ian McConnell country-pop ballad, “Her Heart” where he approaches a break-up from an angle most people don’t normally look at it — the person doing the beart-breaking. It just goes to show you that love’s a double-sided blade. Dig in!🔥

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