Instagram Updates That Will Help You Connect With Fans

Take Advantage Of These Updates To Continue Creating Quality Content

Instagram continues to be one of the most prevalent social media platforms. It is by far the most popular platform among artists, as it allows them to generate content that connects with their fans and for close interaction. Social media platforms are constantly evolving and continuously updating which gives users new opportunities to experiment with content, increase engagement and reach new followers. Here at ONErpm, we thought it would help to tell you about some of these updates and how you can take advantage of them to connect with your fans.

Goodbye Swipe Up, Hello Link Sticker

The famous Swipe-Up, used for quite some time and popularized by artists inviting you to tap on a link, is no longer! Now you can share links with a sticker that you can place anywhere in your story, and best of all, it’s enabled for everyone. You no longer have to have a specific number of followers- all users can make use of this tool.

The Link Sticker is very useful for artists and content creators as they can send followers directly to the desired site. This can be used for releases, sharing press releases, invite to watch a video, or to the merch page. This link takes your followers directly to the final destination.  

Your Turn To Create A Chain With Your Followers

With this new Sticker, you will be able to connect with your followers and new users by creating a thematic story chain. Just upload your photo to stories, choose the Your Turn sticker, and add the theme of your choice or a random theme from the preset list.

This is a great opportunity for content creators and artists who want to interact with their fans, see them in action and ask them to perform actions related to their art.

Collaborative Posts 

When brands or artists partner with each other, you will often see the same image or social media post at different times on their respective platforms. Now collaborative content will be much easier to share. This new update allows you to send a collaboration invitation for posts and reels to the collaborator so the content appears on both accounts simultaneously. This in turn allows you to share the number of likes, views, and comments.


We know that not everything is kind on social media. With the limitations option, users will be able to limit interactions for new followers or users who do not follow the account for a certain time. Instagram made this decision due to the increase in abusive content and negative comments that public figures usually receive on their accounts.

If you want to activate this option just go to settings, privacy, limitations and choose the settings you want to activate.

Don’t Forget Reminders & Statistics

Lastly, make sure you are taking advantage of Instagram’s new reminder feature. Adding a reminder to a post will give your followers the chance to set up an alert when an important event is coming up. Instagram will then send them a push notification close to the event, which can also link out to where you want your audience to go.

Additionally, performing an analysis of the statistics is of vital importance for your account. A good analysis will allow you to know what your followers want, which content works better and which ones have less interaction. The data will help you know your fans better in terms of regions, ages, and consumption of your publications. Instagram is constantly changing and adding new information to the statistics, so check this section frequently to help you make the best decisions to create content that caters to your fans.

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