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No Bad Tunes, No Weird Tracks, Just Pure Vibes (09/17/21)

If we had a track to give you that wasn’t an absolute smash, we might still add it Alt & Indie New Music Friday. We don’t judge here at ONErpm. The thing is, all of our artists just write smash-hit records. It’s not our fault.

Juice for Alt & Indie NMF
Juice – “Girlfriend Song”

What do you get when you combine rock, pop, r&b, and hip-hop? That’s easy. You get Juice. What do you get when the members of Juice effortlessly blend together their diverse musical backgrounds? That’s even easier. You get a “Girlfriend Song.”

The Criticals for Alt & Indie NMF
The Criticals – “Absinthe”

Immediately after listening to “Absinthe” by The Criticals, we all purchased motorcycles and tore the sleeves off of our shirts. This viciously groovy record oozes bad-boy cool in a way that you can’t help but smile about. Toss on your leather jacket loser, we’re going for a ride.

Olive Amun for Alt & Indie NMF
Olive Amun – “Dead Weight”

Alternative hip-hop Aussie Olive Amun is making sure his name is known with a truly singular sound. “Dead Weight” is a story of a boy who meets a messed-up girl. He doesn’t want to play her games, but he also refuses to walk away.



Wanderer – “Lost Myself”
Loveless – “sorry i’m a downer”









Half White Full Black – “Run”
Stop Light Observations – “10 man”










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