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Check Out What's Poppin This Week (7/16/21)

What’s going on people? Happy New Music Friday! Here are the top Pop tracks this week from the ONErpm fam.

There’s nothing more universal than the feeling of just wanting to “Be Ok.” That’s why ElohimOokay, and Flux Pavilion made an electronic/pop banger about it. It’s nice to know that even pop stars sometimes feel like the world is crashing down on them.
Mega-producer Paul Oakenfold connected with the most soulful singer in pop, Aloe Blacc, for the very special “I’m In Love.” This incredible team-up of massive artists will be sure to build anticipation towards Oakenfold’s album releasing later this month.
With the release of such an eclectic soul-pop album, we are forced to believe Daphne Willis is not of the human race. She exudes a kind of badassery that oozes out of each and every song of this 17 track album. If given the ultimatum to choose one album to listen to for the rest of your life… this could be the one. After all, it is appropriately named the “Essentials.
If you’re looking to feel like the main character of your very own rom-com, let us introduce you to Glassio’s “Queen of the Silver City.” Best listened to with headphones in, minding your own damn business, walking to the local deli in your hometown. If “vibes” had a sound, this song would be it.


Little Luna – “Last Time”
Cocora – “Pa’ Allá”









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