Hot New Rap From Aspect Zavi, Kendrick P, And More

New Music Friday | Rap (7/23/21)

Yo ONErpm Fam! Welcome to another New Music Friday. Here are the latest hip-hop & rap hits from ONErpm artists releasing this week.

New Music Friday | Rap (7/23/21)
Aspect Zavi – “Emotions”

Aspect Zavi holds back none of his “Emotions” with the release of this heart-wrenching single. He balances introspection and wit all at once. Think: Crying in the club.

New Music Friday | Rap (7/23/21)
Kendrick P – “Aye Mane”

With massive success on the radio, BET, and MTV, Kendrick P is back and better than ever to do it all over again with his single “Aye Mane.” He’s all bars and beats, rhymes and rhythm.

New Music Friday | Rap (7/23/21)
Street Kult – “Eddie”

Eddie” by Street Kult features group member Zach Wild and a story that actually happened. He recounts a day during his childhood that he experienced in his father Eddie’s home. Zach realizes that although the day felt positive at the time, he can look back and realize how much of a negative influence the experience had on him.




Emilio Rojas – 4-Pack Friday, Vol 2
ATO – “No Caroline”









Danny Hesher – “Shallowman”
Pretty Sister – Catalina 










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