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Peach Martine Has Us In Our Feels (1/28/22)

Hey, #onerpmfam! Hope everyone had a good week. Check out these New Pop Releases we have for you from Peach Martine, Tristan Wells, Caroline Romano, and more.

Peach Martine – “I Would Have Given You The Moon”

Give Peach Martine a piano and she will make you cry. “I Would Have Given You the Moon” is a heartbreak ballad straight out of your favorite teen drama, with a sparse composition only reinforcing how empty it feels when the person you love chooses someone else.

Tristan Wells – “Meteor”

Tristan Wells nailed the outer space vibes on his new single “Meteor”. Bright percussion hits light up synth melodies like stars in a sky, while a dreamy vocal only reinforces the galaxy feels. Ground Control to Major Tom: we got a banger.

Caroline Romano – “Panic Attack”

Sometimes, the most personal records are the most difficult to release. Caroline Romano’s “Panic Attack” is a stripped-down, acoustic ode to the quiet moments we have alone when things are going wrong.


Villager – “Frontier”
Charles Jacques – “Gone” feat. Marie Dahlstrom










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